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The SMesh Wireless Mesh Network , Claudiu Danilov2

Summary: The SMesh Wireless Mesh Network
Yair Amir1
, Claudiu Danilov2
, Raluca Musaloiu-Elefteri1
, Nilo Rivera1
Johns Hopkins University
Boeing Phantom Works
Technical Report CNDS-2009-3 - April 2009
Wireless mesh networks extend the connectivity range of mobile devices by using multiple access
points, some of them connected to the Internet, to create a mesh topology and forward packets over
multiple wireless hops. However, the quality of service provided by the mesh is impaired by the
delays and disconnections caused by handoffs, as clients move within the area covered by multiple
access points. We present the architecture and protocols of SMesh, the first transparent wireless
mesh system that offers seamless, fast handoff, supporting real-time applications such as interactive
VoIP. The handoff and routing logic is done solely by the access points, and therefore connectivity is
attainable by any 802.11 device. In SMesh, the entire mesh network is seen by the mobile clients as


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences