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Complexity of the Network Median Problem A. A. Ageev

Summary: Complexity of the Network Median Problem
on Grids
A. A. Ageev 
The n-grid is de ned to be the adjacency graph of the n  n
integer lattice. A graph is called a planar grid if it is isomorphic
to a subgraph of the n-grid. The paper shows that the network
median problem (an analog of the well-known k-median problem)
remains NP-hard when restricted to the set of n-grids.
1 Introduction
Let P() be an optimization or decision problem whose instance includes
a graph taken from a prescribed set of undirected graphs . Choosing a
subset 0  and considering the problem P() on this subset we obtain
a subproblem P( 0 ). Even though P() is NP-hard (NP-complete), the
subproblem P( 0 ) may turn out to be polynomially solvable for some
0 . The question of complete characterization of such sets of graphs is
of greatest importance both for theoretical developments and practical
applications. In its general setting this question appears to be very dif-
cult and remains unresolved for any concrete problem. However, the
situation may become much easier if we impose some restrictions on the


Source: Ageev, Alexandr - Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk


Collections: Mathematics