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Tania Avgustinova Clustering Clitics in Bulgarian Nominal Constituents*

Summary: Tania Avgustinova
Clustering Clitics in Bulgarian Nominal Constituents*
The present study of Bulgarian nominal morphosyntax focuses on the
placement of the short possessive pronouns and the interrogative particle within
the nominal syntactic domain, in correlation with the distribution of the definite
article. In other words, I am primarily interested in what might be called "proper"
nominal clitics, while predicative clitics that are introduced in the NP by
attributively used participles or accompany deverbal nouns remain beyond the
scope of this article. After presenting some preliminary assumptions, I will show
that a treatment of Bulgarian definite article based on HALPERN 1995 is quite
promising, especially if augmented to adequately cover the relevant data. Setting
thus the appropriate context, I will concentrate on the distribution of Bulgarian
possessive enclitics which supplies a strong evidence in favour of admitting the
existence of a nominal enclitic cluster. I will show that their placement obeys the
same mechanism which governs the distribution of definiteness marking in
Bulgarian NPs. Finally, the non-verbal interrogative particle, which on certain
conditions may join the nominal enclitic cluster, will be considered with respect
to its scope interpretations.
Let me begin with terminological issues concerning the nominal syntactic
domain in Bulgarian. An important background assumption in my approach is


Source: Avgustinova, Tania - Department of Computational Linguistics and Phonetics, Universitšt des Saarlandes


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences