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[version of March 5, 2012] Homework for Math 2574H

Summary: [version of March 5, 2012]
Homework for Math 2574H
Spring 2012
University of Minnesota
Twin Cities Campus
References are to chapters, sections and page numbers
of the required text for the course, Williamson and Trotter, Fourth Edition.
I just give the page number for the beginning of
a batch of homework problems, not the exact page.
The homework assignment for a given week is
usually not finalized until late Monday afternoon.
What I have posted here is just a lightly revised
listing of homework assignments I made in Spring 2011.
The only editing I performed was to change dates
from the 2011 calendar to the 2012 calendar.
This document will give you an idea of pacing and coverage,
but it is not the official list of homework assignments.
You need to revisit this page regularly to find the


Source: Anderson, Greg W. - School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota


Collections: Mathematics