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Innovation and Entrepreneurship BUS 304 001 Fall 2011 CRN 31933

Summary: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
BUS 304 001 Fall 2011 CRN 31933
TR: 1:00 2:15 ED 619
Instructor: Asst. Prof. Aldene Meis Mason
Office: ED 524.7, Tel. 337-2381, Fax 585-4805
Home: 789-6578 (please don't call after 9:00 PM)
E-mail: through UR Courses or aldene.meismason@uregina.ca
Office Hours: Very accessible. Drop in or set up a time to fit our schedules.
Text: John Bessant and Joe Tidd, Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2e. John Wiley &
Sons. May 2011
Class Web site: URCourses
Please do not apply perfume, cologne, or hand cream while in our classroom.
1. Course Description
This course explores the concept and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship. Concepts
covered will include sources of and barriers to creativity and innovation; opportunity
recognition; transforming invention to innovation; sharing and protecting intellectual property;
globalization and development.
Prerequisite: BUS 210 (or ADMN 210) and BUS 250 (or ADMN 250)
Science, Engineering and Education students: completion of a minimum of 60 credit hours of
university studies.


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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