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Efficient frequency doubling by a phase-compensated crystal in a semimonolithic cavity

Summary: Efficient frequency doubling by a phase-compensated
crystal in a semimonolithic cavity
Irit Juwiler and Ady Arie
In multiple-pass nonlinear frequency conversion devices, interacting waves may accumulate different
phases, owing to dispersive elements in the system. Phase compensation is therefore necessary for
efficient frequency conversion. We experimentally demonstrate phase compensation in a compact semi-
monolithic frequency-doubling cavity by using a periodically poled KTP crystal. The conversion effi-
ciency of the crystal was found to decrease at high pump powers, owing to power-dependent thermal
lensing. This experimental observation was supported by a theoretical calculation of the conversion
efficiency in a cavity, considering the mismatch between the mode's thermally loaded and unloaded
cavities. A design procedure was also presented to compensate for the thermal lensing effect. The
highest conversion efficiency of 56.5%, corresponding to a second-harmonic power of 117.5 mW at 532 nm,
was achieved with a cw Nd:YAG pump power of 208 mW. 2003 Optical Society of America
OCIS codes: 190.0190, 190.2620, 230.4320.
1. Introduction
Resonant-cavity second-harmonic generation repre-
sents a powerful technique for the frequency doubling
of low- and medium-power cw sources. A number of
approaches based on singly and doubly resonant cav-
ities for producing high-efficiency frequency doubling


Source: Arie, Ady - Department of Electrical Engineering-Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Engineering