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Net-Replay: A New Network Primitive Ashok Anand, Aditya Akella

Summary: Net-Replay: A New Network Primitive
Ashok Anand, Aditya Akella
University of Wisconsin-Madison
In this paper, we describe Net-Replay, a new network primitive to
help application end points conduct in-band characterization of the
glitches they encountered. In Net-Replay, each network infrastruc-
ture element remembers a small amount of information for every
packet observed at the element over a certain time interval. Further-
more, network elements expose a simple "packet marking" inter-
face, using which they can indicate to end-points whether or not
they had seen a particular packet in the past. When application
end-points observe glitches, they replay (i.e. retransmit) the packets
which observed the glitch and leverage feedback from network ele-
ments to determine the type and location of the glitch encountered
by the packets. We discuss how end-host network stacks should
be modified to leverage Net-Replay in this fashion. We also con-
sider how network infrastructure can support Net-Replay in a low-
overhead fashion.


Source: Akella, Aditya - Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences