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Subtyping Dependent Types David Aspinall

Summary: Subtyping Dependent Types
David Aspinall
LFCS, Department of Computer Science,
University of Edinburgh, U.K.
Adriana Compagnoni
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory,
Cambridge, U.K.
The need for subtyping in type­systems with dependent
types has been realized for some years. But it is hard to
prove that systems combining the two features have funda­
mental properties such as subject reduction. Here we in­
vestigate a subtyping extension of the system #P, which is an
abstract version of the type system of the Edinburgh Logical
Framework LF. By using an equivalent formulation, we es­
tablish some important properties of the new system #P# ,
including subject reduction. Our analysis culminates in a


Source: Aspinall, David - School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences