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2002-01-2538 Subject Effects Exhibited in Human Posture in

Summary: 2002-01-2538
Subject Effects Exhibited in Human Posture in
Neutral Buoyancy and Parabolic Flight
Julianne Zimmerman
Payload Systems Inc.
David L. Akin
University of Maryland Space Systems Laboratory
Copyright 2002 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.
Neutral buoyancy (NB) and parabolic flight (PF) are the
only available human-scale three-dimensional
spaceflight simulation environments. As such, both
environments are used extensively for both research
and mission operations purposes despite a lack of
quantitative (or even qualitative) characterization of the
fidelity of either environment to the spacelfight analog.
The present study was undertaken as part of a larger
research effort to begin to build such characterizations.
Eight healthy adults (4 men and 4 women) were asked
to adopt relaxed postures while 'standing' in space


Source: Akin, David - Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering