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Advanced Distributed System Final Report May 15, 2000

Summary: Advanced Distributed System Final Report
Yan Gu
May 15, 2000
1 Java MPEG Player Using Spread
1.1 Problem Description
In this project, the aim is to have a Java applet MPEG player get MPEG data
from Spread, instead of from les, so that machines on the same cluster can all
use Java MPEG applet to display MPEG images at real time.
Originally, the Java MPEG Applet loads and parses the MPEG-les, recon-
structs the single frames, and plays the frames. The MPEG les can be from
local machine, if the Java applet is executed on the same machine, or from the
Web server whose web site the user/client visits and from which the Java ap-
plets come. In this case, the client downloads the MPEG les from the server
using URL/TCP socket.
The idea in this project is to have the camera record the images at real
time, distribute the data to Spread daemons, and machines in the same cluster
read the data from Spread daemons, and display the frames on the Java applets
executed on the local machine.
1.2 Implementation
The Java MPEG Applet is a multithreading program which has a decoder thread


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences