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Plan Optimization by Plan Rewriting Jose Luis Ambite, Craig A. Knoblock & Steven Minton

Summary: Plan Optimization by Plan Rewriting
Jos┤e Luis Ambite, Craig A. Knoblock & Steven Minton
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California
4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292, USA
{ambite, knoblock, minton}@isi.edu
February 8, 2005
Planning by Rewriting (PbR) is a paradigm for efficient high-quality planning that
exploits declarative plan rewriting rules and efficient local search techniques to trans-
form an easy-to-generate, but possibly suboptimal, initial plan into a high-quality plan.
In addition to addressing planning efficiency and plan quality, PbR offers a new any-
time planning algorithm. The plan rewriting rules can be either specified by a domain
expert or automatically learned. We describe a learning approach based on comparing
initial and optimal plans that produces rules competitive with manually-specified ones.
PbR is fully implemented and has been applied to several existing domains. The ex-
perimental results show that the PbR approach provides significant savings in planning
effort while generating high-quality plans.
1 Introduction
Planning is the process of generating a network of actions, a plan, that achieves a desired


Source: Ambite, JosÚ Luis - Information Sciences Institute & Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences