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Soft RealTime Scheduling on Performance Asymmetric Multicore Platforms #

Summary: Soft Real­Time Scheduling on Performance Asymmetric Multicore
Platforms #
John M. Calandrino 2 , Dan Baumberger 1 , Tong Li 1 , Scott Hahn 1 , and James H. Anderson 2
1 Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR
2 Department of Computer Science, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
This paper discusses an approach for supporting soft real­
time periodic tasks in Linux on performance asymmetric
multicore platforms (AMPs). Such architectures consist
of a large number of processing units on one or several
chips, where each processing unit is capable of executing
the same instruction set at a different performance level.
We discuss deficiencies of Linux in supporting periodic
real­time tasks, particularly when cores are asymmetric, and
how such deficiencies were overcome. We also investigate
how to provide good performance for non­real­time tasks
in the presence of a real­time workload. We show that
this can be done by using deferrable servers to explicitly
reserve a share of each core for non­real­time tasks. This
allows non­real­time tasks to have priority over real­time


Source: Anderson, James - Department of Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences