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HINF 1100: Introduction to Health Informatics Assignment 1

Summary: HINF 1100: Introduction to Health Informatics
Fall 2008
Assignment 1
Assignment Date: Sept 29 2008 Assignment Due Date: Oct. 06 2008
Question 1: Briefly give your understanding to the following:
1a. What is health informatics? (5%)
1b. Identify the role of health informatics in the healthcare process? (5%)
1c. Justify the need for health informatics in the healthcare process? (5 %)
Question 2: Provide answers to the below questions:
a. Describe your understanding about models in general, and then extend this
understanding to answer the following questions. (5%)
b. Why do we need to model the healthcare process to develop health informatics
solutions? (5%)
c. Explain the different types of models that exist in healthcare and briefly describe
their role in the care process? (7%)
d. How can models help develop "better" healthcare systems? (8%)
Question 3: In order to answer some of the below questions you are required to do
some research by finding the relevant material over the Internet. You can use examples
to illustrate your answers.
a. From your experience of the healthcare process what kinds of health information


Source: Abidi, Syed Sibte Raza - Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences