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Cost-sensitive Iterative Abductive Reasoning with Abstractions

Summary: Cost-sensitive Iterative Abductive Reasoning
with Abstractions
Gianluca Torta1 and Daniele Theseider Dupr┤e2 and Luca Anselma1
1 Introduction
Several explanation and interpretation tasks, such as diagnosis, plan
recognition and image interpretation, can be formalized as abductive
reasoning. A number of approaches, including recent ones [1, 4], ad-
dress the problem based on a task-independent representation of a
domain which includes an ontology or taxonomy of hypotheses.
In this paper we adopt a similar representation, but we also deal
with abduction as an iterative process where, like in model-based
diagnosis, further observations are proposed to discriminate among
candidate explanations; in addition, we take into account costs of ob-
servations and actions. In fact, discrimination also involves refining
hypotheses, but this is performed down to an appropriate level which
depends on the cost of actions (e.g. repair actions or therapy) to be
taken based on the results of abduction, and on the cost of additional
observations, which should be balanced with the benefits, in terms of
more suitable actions, of better discrimination.
The presence of a domain representation with abstractions has a


Source: Anselma, Luca - Dipartimento di Informatica, UniversitÓ di Torino


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences