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An Interview with Peter Lancaster1 by Nicholas J. Higham.

Summary: An Interview with Peter Lancaster1
by Nicholas J. Higham.
Peter Lancaster, March 2005
NJH: How did you get interested in
PL: Wow, that's going back a long way.
At school, mathematics was one of a few
subjects that I seemed to be fairly good
at, and therefore enjoyed. After school,
I made a false start. When I first went
to university I started in architecture, so
I wasn't completely wedded to mathemat-
ics at that time. When the time came to
make a change I knew that I could go back
to mathematics and I did. So my age was
18 or 19 at that time. I hadn't taken a very
strong interest in it before that age. Then
I got caught up in the honours programme
at Liverpool and the rest is history.


Source: Applebaum, David - Department of Probability and Statistics, University of Sheffield


Collections: Mathematics