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Geophys. J. Znt. (1992) 109, 209-224 Determining palaeomagnetic poles and anomalous skewness from

Summary: Geophys. J. Znt. (1992) 109, 209-224
Determining palaeomagnetic poles and anomalous skewness from
marine magnetic anomaly skewness data from a single plate
Katerina E. Petronotis," Richard G. Gordon and Gary D. Acton*
Department of Geotogical Sciences, Northwestern University, Euanston, Illinois 60208, USA
Accepted 1991 October 30. Received 1991 October 7; in original form 1990 September 24
We present a method for simultaneously determining palaeomagnetic poles and
anomalous skewness from the observed skewness of marine magnetic anomalies
from a single plate. Skewness is esimated by visual comparison of phase-shifted
observed anomaly profiles with an ideal zero-phase synthetic anomaly calculated for
sea-floor formed and observed in a vertical magnetic field. We assume that each
crossing of the same anomaly or anomalies is anomalously skewed by an identical
amount. This assumption is supported by the great reduction in squared error (i.e.,
x') obtained by adding just this one adjustable parameter. Our inversion procedure
determines the palaeomagnetic pole and anomalous skewness that give a maximum
likelihood best fit in a least-squares sense to the observed effective remanent
inclinations, which are inferred by simple calculation from the observed phase shift.
Our method determines 95 per cent confidence limits both from a constant-chi-
square boundary and by linear propagation of errors and also estimates the


Source: Acton, Gary - Department of Geology, University of California, Davis


Collections: Geosciences