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Haptic-Auditory Rendering and Perception of Contact Stiffness

Summary: Haptic-Auditory Rendering and
Perception of Contact Stiffness
Federico Avanzini and Paolo Crosato
Dep. of Information Engineering, University of Padova, Italy
{avanzini, crosatop}@dei.unipd.it
Abstract. This paper presents an experiment on the relative contri-
butions of haptic and auditory information to bimodal judgments of
contact stiffness using a rigid probe. Haptic feedback is rendered via a
Phantom R OmniTM
device, while auditory stimuli are obtained using a
physically-based audio model of impact, in which the colliding objects are
described as modal resonators that interact through a non-linear impact
force. The impact force can be controlled through a stiffness parameter,
that influences the contact time of the impact. Previous studies have
already indicated that this parameter has a major influence on the au-
ditory perception of hardness/stiffness. In the experiment subjects had
to tap on virtual surfaces, and were presented with audio-haptic feed-
back. In each condition the haptic stiffness had the same value while
the acoustic stiffness was varied. Perceived stiffness was determined us-
ing an absolute magnitude-estimation procedure: subjects were asked to


Source: Avanzini, Federico - Department of Information Engineering, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Padova


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences