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Receiver Based Management of Low Bandwidth Access Links

Summary: 1
Receiver Based Management of Low Bandwidth
Access Links
Neil T. Spring, Maureen Chesire, Mark Berryman, Vivek Sahasranaman,
Thomas Anderson and Brian Bershad
Submitted to IEEE INFOCOM 2000
Abstract--In this paper, we describe a receiver based con-
gestion control policy that leverages TCP flow control mech-
anisms to prioritize mixed traffic loads across access links.
We manage queuing at the access link to: (1) improve the
response time of interactive network applications; (2) re-
duce congestion-related packet losses; while (3) maintaining
high throughput for bulk-transfer applications. Our policy
controls queue length by manipulating receive socket buffer
sizes. We have implemented this solution in a dynamically
loadable Linux kernel module, and tested it over low band-
width links. Our approach yields a 7-fold improvement in
packet latency over an unmodified system while maintain-
ing link utilization at 94%. In the common case, congestion-
related packet losses at the access link can be eliminated.


Source: Anderson, Tom - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences