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ExpBrainRes(1991)86 40-46 Thehorizontalyestibulo-ocularreflex

Summary: ExpBrainRes(1991)86 40-46
duringlinear accelerationin the frontal planeof the cut
D.E. Angelakiand J.H. Anderson
Departmentsof Otolaryngology and Physiology, University of Minnesotzr,Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA
ReceivedDecember 5, 1989 / Accepted Decembcr 5, 1990
BrainResearcO Springer-Verlagl99l
Summary. Horizontal and vertica-leye movements were
recorded in alert, restrained cats that were subjectedto
whole-body rotations with the horizontal semicircular
canalsin the plane of rotation and the body centeredon
the axis or 45 cm eccentric from the axis of rotation.
Changes in the horizontal vestibulo-ocular reflex
(HVOR) due to the resultant of the linear forces (i.e.,
gravity and linear acceleration) -acting on the otolith
organs were examined during off-axis rotation when
there was a centripetal acceleration along the animal's
interaural axis. The HVOR time constant was slightly
shortenedwhen the resultant otolith force was not paral-


Source: Angelaki, Dora - Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Washington University in St. Louis


Collections: Biology and Medicine