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BUS 210: INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING Course Lecturer: Dwight R. Heinrichs

Summary: 1
Course Lecturer: Dwight R. Heinrichs
Office: ED 540.1
Tel: 585 4718
Course Objectives
Marketing 210 is a course in macro-marketing theory with the purpose of familiarizing students to the broad range
of issues that comprise this discipline. The course is designed to provide an understanding into how value is
created, packaged and delivered to clients to generate profit (or similar result).
Benefits of Lectures
This course will provide an overview of issues that are critical to designing a successful marketing plan. This will
include assessment tools to deconstruct the competitive environment, setting measurable goals, and, strategically
aligning the marketing mix to the chosen target market.
Related topics will include an exploration of ethical complexities and responsibilities as they relate to marketing.
Legal implications of marketing will also be explored. And, tools to assess the financial viability and sustainability
of marketing plans will be explored.
Benefits of Term Project
Students will be assigned into small groups to work together in developing a marketing plan for a hypothetical
small-business of interest to them. This provides an opportunity to develop skills in integrating marketing theory


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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