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EUROGRAPHICS 2010 / T. Akenine-Mller and M. Zwicker (Guest Editors)

Summary: EUROGRAPHICS 2010 / T. Akenine-Möller and M. Zwicker
(Guest Editors)
Volume 29 (2010), Number 2
Inverse Procedural Modeling by
Automatic Generation of L-systems
O. St'ava1
, B. Benes1
, R. Mech2
, D. G. Aliaga1
and P. Kristof1
1Purdue University, USA 2Adobe Systems Incorporated, USA
We present an important step towards the solution of the problem of inverse procedural modeling by generating
parametric context-free L-systems that represent an input 2D model. The L-system rules efficiently code the regular
structures and the parameters represent the properties of the structure transformations. The algorithm takes as
input a 2D vector image that is composed of atomic elements, such as curves and poly-lines. Similar elements are
recognized and assigned terminal symbols of an L-system alphabet. The terminal symbols' position and orientation
are pair-wise compared and the transformations are stored as points in multiple 4D transformation spaces. By
careful analysis of the clusters in the transformation spaces, we detect sequences of elements and code them
as L-system rules. The coded elements are then removed from the clusters, the clusters are updated, and then


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University
Kazhdan, Michael - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences