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Comparing and Managing Multiple Versions of Slide Presentations

Summary: Comparing and Managing Multiple
Versions of Slide Presentations
Despite the ubiquity of slide presentations, managing mul-
tiple presentations remains a challenge. Understanding how
multiple versions of a presentation are related to one an-
other, assembling new presentations from existing presenta-
tions, and collaborating to create and edit presentations are
difficult tasks. In this paper, we explore techniques for
comparing and managing multiple slide presentations. We
propose a general comparison framework for computing
similarities and differences between slides. Based on this
framework we develop an interactive tool for visually com-
paring multiple presentations. The interactive visualization
facilitates understanding how presentations have evolved
over time. We show how the interactive tool can be used to
assemble new presentations from a collection of older ones
and to merge changes from multiple presentation authors.
ACM Classification: H5.2 [Information interfaces and
presentation]: User Interfaces. - Graphical user interfaces.


Source: Agrawala, Maneesh - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences