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Concept of a miniature optical spectrometer using integrated optical and micro-optical components

Summary: Concept of a miniature optical spectrometer using
integrated optical and micro-optical components
Ivan Avrutsky, Kalyani Chaganti, Ildar Salakhutdinov, and Gregory Auner
We describe the concept of a super compact diffractive imaging spectrometer, with optical components a
few millimeters across in all dimensions, capable of detecting optical fluorescence spectra within the
entire visible spectral range from 400 nm to 700 nm with resolution of the order of 2 nm. In addition, the
proposed spectrometer is capable of working simultaneously with multiple, up to 35, independent input
optical channels. A specially designed diffractive optical element integrated with a planar optical
waveguide is the key component of the proposed device. In the preliminary experimental tests, a uniform
waveguide grating with a microlens was used to mimic operation of the diffractive optical element. A
microspectrometer with optical components measured below 1 cm in all dimensions covers the spectral
range from 450 nm to 650 nm and shows a spectral resolution of 0.5 nm at wavelengths close to 514 nm
and 633 nm. 2006 Optical Society of America
OCIS codes: 050.1950, 050.1970, 130.3120, 350.3950.
1. Introduction
Miniature optical spectrometers are required for on-
chip systems used in general chemical analysis, DNA
sequencing, detection of hazardous substances, and
other applications in biology and chemistry.1 Also,
optical spectroscopy is essential for development of


Source: Avrutsky, Ivan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University


Collections: Engineering