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A Methodology for the Construction of Scheduled Systems

Summary: A Methodology for the Construction of
Scheduled Systems
K. Altisen, G. Goler, and J. Sifakis
Verimag, 2 av. Vignates, 38610 Gieres, France
faltisen, goessler, sifakisg@imag.fr
Abstract. We study a methodology for constructing scheduled systems
by restricting successively the behavior of the processes to be scheduled.
Restriction is used to guarantee the satisfaction of two types of con-
straints: schedulability constraints characterizing timing properties of the
processes, and constraints characterizing particular scheduling algorithms
including process priorities, non-idling, and preemption.
The methodology is based on a controller synthesis paradigm. The main
results deal with the characterization of scheduling policies as safety con-
straints and the simpli cation of the synthesis process by applying a com-
posability principle.
1 Introduction
Scheduling coordinates the execution of application and system activities, so as
requirements about their temporal behavior are met. Guaranteeing correctness
of schedulers is essential for the development of dependable real-time systems. In
many application areas, well established theory and scheduling algorithms have


Source: Altisen, Karine - Laboratoire VERIMAG, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences