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Herbert P. Broida Herbert Broida was a scientist of remarkable breadth and accomplishments, a teacher with an

Summary: Herbert P. Broida
Herbert Broida was a scientist of remarkable breadth and accomplishments, a teacher with an
extraordinary devotion to students, and a human being of the finest quality. He was the recipient
of many honors and of the highest professional praise, yet he remained a humble man, totally
sacrificing of his time, talents, and energy for the good of his colleagues, his students, the
physics community, and the University.
Born on Christmas Day, 1920 in Aurora, Colorado, at age five he was stricken with
poliomyelitis, with the prognosis that he would never walk again. It was then that he started to
show the dedication and willpower he would be known for later. After long, discouraging
months, he won this battle and went on a few years later to become an eagle scout. The need to
strengthen weak muscles led him to hiking, and eventually he was to climb more than twenty of
the Colorado peaks over 14,000 feet. A class leader, he graduated from high school with a record
of outstanding academic achievement. Unfortunately, his early career at the University of
Colorado was interrupted by a second long period of illness. This time surgery was required for a
scoliosis that had developed as a result of the poliomyelitis. While lying on his stomach
immobilized for many months because of infection, he developed convictions about what
mattered to him in his life, the value of time, and the notion of utilizing his energies towards
selected meaningful goals. Returning to the University of Colorado, he shifted from economics
to sociology to philosophy. As a senior, he was exposed to physics for the first time. He quickly


Source: Ahlers, Guenter - Department of Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara


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