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Graphs and Paths Page 1 Introduction

Summary: Graphs and Paths Page 1
Chapter 9
What are some characteristics of a binary tree?
o They have a rigid structure of each node having a single node that points to it (or
none, in the case of the root). Sometimes life isn't so structured.
For example: I need to fly to Tokyo. I want to find the cheapest way to fly there. How
could I think about the data?
For example: Everybody in the class has candy bars; but some love what they have and
some don't.
o I have a set of candy bars in this bag. I want to distribute so everybody gets a
kind they like. How do I represent the data?
Human graph. If you could pick one person who you would go to for help with an
assignment, who would it be? Using your arm as a link, touch that person on the
shoulder. What if you could choose two people?
For example: I want to travel every bike path in Logan (assuming they had any ) but I
don't want to ever travel on the same path twice. Can I begin at my home, visit every
path, and then return?
The data representation in all of these cases is the graph!


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences