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Acta Materialia 51 (2003) 60596075 www.actamat-journals.com

Summary: Acta Materialia 51 (2003) 6059­6075
Rolling textures in nanoscale Cu/Nb multilayers
Peter M. Anderson a,b,
, John F. Bingert a
, Amit Misra a
, John P. Hirth a
Materials Science and Technology Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210-1179, USA
Received 9 May 2003; received in revised form 22 July 2003; accepted 23 July 2003
Rolling textures in nanoscale multilayered thin films are found to differ markedly from textures observed in bulk
materials. Multilayered thin films consisting of alternating Cu and Nb layers with columnar grains were produced by
magnetron sputtering, with individual layer thickness ranging from 4 µm to 75 nm and Cu/Nb interfaces locally
satisfying the Kurdjumov­Sachs (K­S) orientation relations. After rolling to 80% effective strain, samples with a larger
initial layer thickness develop a bulk rolling texture while those with a smaller initial layer thickness display co-rotation
of Cu and Nb columnar grains about the interface normal, in order to preserve the K­S orientation relations. The
resulting K­S texture has 0 0 1 Nb parallel to and 1 1 0 Cu approximately 5° from the rolling direction. A crystal


Source: Anderson, Peter M. - Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Ohio State University


Collections: Materials Science