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Math 4140 Midterm Due Monday March 5th

Summary: Math 4140 Midterm
Due Monday March 5th
Directions: Work problem one and five
other problems, at least one from each sec-
tion. You may consult with other students
but you must completely write up the prob-
lems you hand in. Answers will be graded for
completeness, correctness, and clarity. You
can lose marks for answers that are too terse,
those including additional irrelevant mate-
rial, answers without explanation of their ori-
gin, and answers that are much too long. You
may consult with the instructor about the
suitability of the form of an answer.
1 Final Project
Problem 1 Give a typed outline of your fi-
nal project. Do not use more than two pages.
2 Enumeration Problems
Problem 2 Find a closed formula, in terms
of the length n of the string, for the number of


Source: Ashlock, Dan - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Guelph


Collections: Mathematics