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Quantitative Photo-Acoustic Imaging of Small Absorbers Habib Ammari

Summary: Quantitative Photo-Acoustic Imaging of Small Absorbers
Habib Ammari
Emmanuel Bossy
Vincent Jugnon
Hyeonbae Kang§
December 1, 2009
In photo-acoustic imaging, energy absorption causes thermo-elastic expansion of
optical absorbers, which in turn leads to propagation of a pressure wave. Recently,
we have developed an efficient method for locating small absorbing regions inside a
bounded domain from boundary measurements of the induced pressure wave and re-
constructing the absorbed density. However, it is the absorption coefficient, not the
absorbed energy, that is a fundamental physiological parameter. In this paper, we pro-
pose two methods for reconstructing the normalized optical absorption coefficient of a
small absorber from the absorbed density.
AMS subject classifications. 31B20, 35B37,35L05
Key words. photo-acoustic imaging, asymptotic expansion, diffusion approximation, multi-wavelength
imaging approach, optical tomography
1 Introduction
Photo-acoustic imaging is an emerging imaging technique that combines high optical contrast


Source: Ammari, Habib - Centre de Mathématique Appliquées, École Polytechnique
Kang, Hyeonbae - Department of Mathematics, Inha University


Collections: Mathematics