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Proposed Computer Science Plan and By-laws, September 2000 -1 -Plan of Organization

Summary: Proposed Computer Science Plan and By-laws, September 2000 - 1 -
Plan of Organization
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland
September, 2000
Last Amended: 2007
The purpose of the Plan of Organization is to specify the means by which the Department
of Computer Science (the Department) carries out its educational and research
responsibilities and plays its proper role in University affairs. This Plan supersedes all
previous versions.
Article 1. Department Chairperson
The chief administrative officer of the Department is the Department Chairperson.
1. Appointment. The Chairperson is appointed by the College Dean (and ultimately by
the University) to a fixed term of office, usually 5 years. Prior to a new appointment
or the reappointment of a chairperson, expressions of opinion of the Department
Council and of the Department faculty shall be given to the University administration.
No person shall serve as Chairperson for more than 10 consecutive years.
2. Functions. The Chairperson's functions are


Source: Anisimov, Mikhail - Institute for Physical Science and Technology & Department of Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Physics; Materials Science