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Matcont Tutorial: ODE GUI version Nottingham, October 3, 2011

Summary: Matcont Tutorial: ODE GUI version
Hil Meijer
Nottingham, October 3, 2011
``If you want to get credit for solving a complicated mathematical problem, you will have to
provide a full proof. But if you're trying to make something as easy as possible, you want to
make it foolproof­so simple even a fool could couldn't screw it up."
1 Introduction
This tutorial tries to explain the basics of how to use the numerical bifurcation package MATCONT
by going through an example. We aim at explaining how you can use the software so we assume
a basic knowledge of bifurcation theory. As with many things one learns, you will only master it
by performing the procedures yourself. So hands on!
We try to cover the following procedures in this tutorial
· Installation, including steps on installing a compiler
· System definition
· Simulation
· Continuation of equilibria in one parameter
· Continuation of codim 1 bifurcations of equilibria in two parameters
· Starting Limit Cycle from a Hopf point
· Starting Limit Cycle from a time simulation
· Computing PRCs and their derivatives


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


Collections: Engineering