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Towards Context-aware Testing for Semantic Interoperability on PvC Environments

Summary: Towards Context-aware Testing for Semantic
Interoperability on PvC Environments
Andres Flores
Juan Carlos Augusto
Macario Polo§
Mauricio Varea¶
aflores@uncoma.edu.ar jc.augusto@ulster.ac.uk macario.polo@uclm.es m.varea@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Abstract ­ New challenges in Software Testing arise
from evaluating Pervasive Computing Systems, which
are a special type of component-based software. Trans-
parent interconnection of components becomes highly
important when users need to switch between operative
contexts. Dynamic assembly requires evaluating compo-
nents to ensure they conform to the updated system's
requirements, and components semantical information
could be analysed with a proper Ontology. Thus, our fo-
cus is set on Semantic Interoperability. We present an
abstract model of an infrastructure integrated with an
evaluation process, by applying testing strategies based
on contextual information of components and user tasks.


Source: Augusto, Juan Carlos - School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Ulster at Jordanstown


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences