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Rotational magnetic moment of the Na, molecule in A `E,' state: Perturbation effects

Summary: Rotational magnetic moment of the Na, molecule in A `E,' state:
Perturbation effects
A. V. Stolyarov,a) I. P. Klincare, M. Ya. Tamanis, M. P. Auzin'sh, and R. S. Ferber
DepartmentofPhysicsand Mathematics, The Universityof Latvia, Riga, Latvia, 22609%
(Received 11 March 1991; accepted 5 November 1991)
Values and signs of Land& factors (g) have been measured for four rovibronic levels of the
A `22 state of the Na, molecule. Because of a very small product gr- 10 - i2 s, the level
crossing signal of a dispersion shape was employed using circular light polarization and
mutually orthogonal excitation, observation of laser induced fluorescence, and external
magnetic field directions. The effects of the b 311,, B `II", and a "Zz states on the g factors of
the Na, (A `22 ), as well as their dependence on vibrational and rotational quantum numbers,
have been theoretically analyzed. An analytical connection has been found between the
constants of A doubling (q) and Land& factors of the interacting singlet states. Simple
expressions have been found for estimating the effects of distant electronic states on q and the g
factors without summing over bounded and integrating over continuum levels of the
perturbing state.
The Na, molecule has been used for many years as a test
molecule for spectroscopic theory and techniques. The first
excited singlet state A `8: and the second excited triplet


Source: Auzinsh, Marcis - Department of Physics, University of Latvia


Collections: Physics