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Synthesis of Large Dynamic Concurrent Programs from Dynamic Speci cations

Summary: Synthesis of Large Dynamic Concurrent Programs from Dynamic
Speci cations
Paul C. Attie 1
College of Computer Science, Northeastern University
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
November 11, 2003
We present a tractable method for synthesizing arbitrarily large concurrent programs, for
a shared memory model with common hardware-available primitives such as atomic registers,
compare-and-swap, load-linked/store conditional, etc. The programs we synthesize are dynamic:
new processes can be created and added at run-time, and so our programs are not nite-state, in
general. Nevertheless, we successfully exploit automatic synthesis and model-checking methods
based on propositional temporal logic. Our method is algorithmically e∆cient, with complexity
polynomial in the number of component processes (of the program) that are \alive" at any time.
Our method does not explicitly construct the automata-theoretic product of all processes that
are alive, thereby avoiding state explosion. Instead, for each pair of processes which interact,
our method constructs an automata-theoretic product (pair-machine) which embodies all the


Source: Attie, Paul - Department of Computer Science, American University of Beirut


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences