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66 MegaChallengesMegaChallenges for the 21for the 21stst CenturyCentury

Summary: 66 MegaChallengesMegaChallenges for the 21for the 21stst
Key Challenges To Basic Scientific Understanding:
What is Mind? (how to build/understand intelligence)
Basic Science of Mind: Up To the Highest Kind of General Intelligence We
see in the Smallest Mouse
Middle Sci. Mind: from Mouse to "Sapient," the level of full use of symbolic
reasoning integrated with meaning/empathy (human brain is "new", still
halfway there in its evolution)
Higher Sci. of Mind: Principles of higher levels in intelligent systems
design, like quantum, multimodular, soul
How does the Universe work? (Quantum physics...)
What is Life? (e.g., quantitative systems biotechnology)
Key Broader Challenges to Humanity:
Sustainable growth on earth
Global sustainable energy/environment & mid-term survival
"yin sustainability," e.g. population, related women's issues, peace
Cost-effective sustainable space settlement
Human potential -- growth/learning in brain, soul, integration (body)


Source: Andras, Peter - School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences