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This Week in The Journal F Cellular/Molecular

Summary: This Week in The Journal
F Cellular/Molecular
Probing the Thermotaxis Circuit in
C. elegans
Atsushi Kuhara and Ikue Mori
(see pages 93559364)
The relative simplicity of the nervous sys-
tem in Caenorhabditis elegans provides
some advantages in elucidating the mo-
lecular and cellular underpinnings of
learning and memory. At least in captiv-
ity, worms memorize their cultivation
temperature and move toward it when
placed in a temperature gradient, but they
learn to avoid that temperature if cultured
without food. This week, Kuhara and
Mori pick apart the underlying neuronal
circuit. The authors show that cal-
cineurin, a calcium-activated phospha-
tase implicated in many forms of synaptic


Source: Andersen, Richard - Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology


Collections: Biology and Medicine