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BIO 482C: Human Genomics Course Overview

Summary: BIO 482C: Human Genomics
Course Overview
Recent advances in genetic technology have revolutionized our understanding of the human
genome. Beyond just mapping its content, we are now beginning to appreciate how the
genome has evolved and what sorts of genomic differences occur between individuals. These
discoveries have important implications for our understanding of the history of our species, the
forces that have shaped our evolution, and the impacts of genomic variation on human health.
This course will survey these topics, with a particular focus on tying scientific discovery to its
application in our own species.
Does human `race' have any biological basis in the genome? Are humans still evolving? What
sorts of disease have a genetic basis? How do we screen for these diseases, and what can
genetic screening accomplish?
These are the types of questions we will explore over the course of the semester.
Course Content
- Content and organization of the human genome
- Genomic analysis techniques
- Molecular basis of human genomic variation
- Genetic disease and screening
- Cancer genomics
- Pharmacogenomics


Source: Allan, Gery - Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University
Northern Arizona University, WiSARDNET Project


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology