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Risk Aversion Game Script August 7, 2004

Summary: 1
Risk Aversion Game Script
August 7, 2004
AS pɡ-hm HM-e Mm-a Apl Se Afe-cl dehc SeQRz HC Mmu Afe-cl AwnNqe
LlV Aj-cl L-ml J VCg-u-Xl VLl Efl k pjrV Qm-R, al Se ioe Sllz Lle HC
MmV b-L Ajl hTl Q Llh Afel Li-h Le HLV pܡ ee Hhw An Ll HC MmV
M-m Afel k-b AecJ f-hez
Welcome. I'd like to thank you very much for taking time to come here tonight. Your participation in this game is very
important to for our survey on cholera and typhoid vaccines because they will tell us something about how you make
decisions, but we also hope that you will have fun too.
AS Aj Afe-cl k MmV cMh pV hi OVe OVl phel Efl is Ll al Llz HLV
Ecqle c-u nl Ll kLz kc Afe HLV j e-u Vp L-le, aq-m qX Hhw Vm fll phe
pjez Abѡv 50% phe l-u-R qX qhl, Ahl 50% phe l-u-R Vm qhlz Hhl Afe kc
j⡢V e-u 100 hl Vp L-le, aq-m cM-he 100 h-ll j-d pha 50 hl qX q-h Hhw 50 hl Vm
Tonight we will be talking about games of chance. To begin, let's start with a coin toss. As you know, if you flip a coin
there is an equal chance of the coin landing on heads or tails. There is a 50% chance that it will land on heads, and a 50%
chance it will land on tails. If you flipped the coin 100 times, the coin would probably land on heads 50 times and on tails
50 times.
Aj AS-L k MmNm cM-h, pNm-a Aj HC lLj HLV QL hhql Llh (50/50 QLV


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences