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Electrochimica Acta 46 (2000) 221229 Adsorption of large ions from an electrolyte solution: a

Summary: Electrochimica Acta 46 (2000) 221­229
Adsorption of large ions from an electrolyte solution: a
modified Poisson­Boltzmann equation
I. Borukhov a,1
, D. Andelman b,
*, H. Orland c
Unite´ mixte de Recherche CNRS/Elf Atochem (UMR 167), 95 rue Danton, B.P. 108, 92303 Le6allois-Perret Cedex, France
School of Physics and Astronomy, Raymond and Be6erly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel A6i6 Uni6ersity,
69978 Ramat A6i6, Israel
Ser6ice de Physique The´orique, CE-Saclay, 91191 Gif-sur-Y6ette Cedex, France
Received 12 January 2000
The behavior of electrolyte solutions close to a charged surface is studied theoretically. A modified Poisson­Boltz-
mann equation that takes into account the volume excluded by the ions in addition to the electrostatic interactions
is presented. In a formal lattice gas formalism the modified Poisson­Boltzmann equation can be obtained from a
mean-field approximation of the partition function. In an alternative phenomenological approach, the same equation
can be derived by including the entropy of the solvent molecules in the free energy. In order to visualize the effect


Source: Andelman, David - School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Materials Science; Physics