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An Adaptive Protocol for Implementing Causally Consistent Distributed Services

Summary: An Adaptive Protocol for Implementing
Causally Consistent Distributed Services
Mustaque AHAMAD \Lambda Michel RAYNAL and G'erard THIA­KIME
College of Computing IRISA ­ '
Equipe ADP
Georgia Institute of Technology Campus de Beaulieu
Atlanta, GA 30332 U.S.A 35042 Rennes Cedex France
mustaq@cc.gatech.edu fraynal,thiakimeg@irisa.fr
Distributed services that are accessed by widely distributed clients are becoming common place
(e.g., especially services targeted to the home). Such services cannot be provided at the needed level
of performance and availability (1) without replicating the service at multiple nodes, and (2) without
allowing a ``relatively'' weak level of consistency among replicated copies of the state of a service.
The latter is especially important in large scale systems where communication latencies can be high
and communication may not be possible between service instances at all times. In this paper we
explore causally consistent distributed services when multiple related services are replicated to meet
performance and availability requirements. This consistency criterion is particularly well suited for
some distributed services (e.g., cooperative document sharing), and it is attractive because of the
efficient implementations that are allowed by it. We develop a new protocol for implementing
causally consistent services that has several novel features. First, service instances can be created


Source: Ahamad, Mustaque - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences