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Policy-Based Validation of SAN Configuration Dakshi Agrawal

Summary: Policy-Based Validation of SAN Configuration
Dakshi Agrawal
James Giles
Kang-Won Lee
Kaladhar Voruganti
Khalid Filali-Adib
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center IBM Almaden Research IBM Austin Research
Historically, storage has been directly connected to
servers for fast local access and easy configuration. In
recent years, storage area networks (SANs) have defined
an alternative storage paradigm that allows storage to be
shared among servers using fast interconnects. One of the
key challenges of SAN management is the large number
of configuration problems that are encountered in a typi-
cal SAN deployment. These configuration problems can be
addressed by SAN management software. However, hard-
coding the SAN configuration rules into the management
software is not a viable option since it is not possible to


Source: Agrawal, Rakesh - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Lee, Kang-Won - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences