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Implementing an Interactive Discussion Forum Giuseppe Attardi and Giovanni Zorzetti

Summary: Implementing an Interactive Discussion Forum
Giuseppe Attardi and Giovanni Zorzetti
Dipartimento di Informatica
corso Italia 40
I-56125 Pisa, Italy
mail: attardi@di.unipi.it
fax: +39 (050) 887-226
An Interactive Discussion Forum (IDF) is a tool for supporting interactive discussions
involving video and audio communication. A forum is a form of structured discussion, more
purposeful than informal communications, such as chats or mailing list; moreover it has an
important role in achieving a sense of community and participation in the audience. During a
forum the participants debate a pre-defined theme, within bounded time limits. A moderator
organises the discussion by establishing the argument structure and ordering the
interventions, ensuring that the discussion converges to a decision. We outline the key
features of our IDF and illustrate several implementation issues and how we solved them. The
project is implemented in pure Java using various media and sharing libraries. Moreover we
are using handheld computers to test its suitability in a wireless network.
"Now, dialectics allows us to do three things: mental
training, conversations, philosophic science research"


Source: Attardi, Giuseppe - Dipartimento di Informatica, UniversitÓ di Pisa


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences