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Tectonophysics 231(1994) 71-84 Stratigraphy, tectonostratigraphy and the accretion of outboard

Summary: Tectonophysics 231(1994) 71-84
Stratigraphy, tectonostratigraphy and the accretion of outboard
terranes in the Caledonides of Sunnhordland, W. Norway
T.B. Andersen *, A. Andresen
Institutt for Geologi, Universitetet i Oslo, P.O. Box 1047, 0316 Blindem, Oslo 3, Norway
(Received May 11,1992; revised version accepted November 14,1992)
The Caledonides between Karmoy and Bergen in western Norway represent one of the best studied sections of
the Scandinavian Caledonides, and the area is of particular significance with regard to the geological evolution of the
Caledonian outboard terranes. These terranes include ophiolites of Early Ordovician age, immature to mature
island-arc and arc-basin lithologies of Early to Middle Ordovician age and Late Ordovician to Early Silurian
unconformable transgressive and regressive sequences. The stratigraphy, including several unconformities, as well as
the tectonothermal evolution of this composite terrane, demonstrate that the assembly of the terrane was associated
with deformation, metamorphism and syntectonic emplacement of arc plutons prior to the Scandian continental
collision between Baltica and Laurentia. The evidence for the pre-Scandian deformation of these rocks has
previously been used as an argument for the accretion of oceanic rocks to Baltica prior to the Scandian orogeny. We
dispute this interpretation and conclude that the early Caledonian deformation or this terrane occurred within the
Iapetus Ocean.
1. Introduction
The Caledonides in the coastal region south of


Source: Andersen, Torgeir Bjørge - Centre for Physics of Geological Processes & Department of Geosciences, Universitetet i Oslo


Collections: Geosciences