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CCSF Topical Lunch May 24, 2010 Organizer: Sean Sweeney, ILR

Summary: CCSF Topical Lunch May 24, 2010
Organizer: Sean Sweeney, ILR
Title: "Green Jobs, Climate Policy, and Economic Development."
In recent years the `green job' has become an emblem for a sustainable low-carbon future. In
political discourse green jobs have been described as vital to efforts to reduce unemployment
levels, generating economic recovery, launching a new industrial policy, and fighting global
warming. Meanwhile, trade unions, environmental justice organizations, and others in civil
society have made strategic decisions based on the prospect of green job creation and a green
economic transition more generally.
This topical lunch aims to initiate an exchange of insights around green jobs from those in
Cornell who are concerned with the economic development implications of climate protection
and sustainability more generally. We will consider the empirical evidence to support the claims
made regarding the potential of green employment to serve as a foundation stone for a new phase
of social and economic development. The implications for the social sciences are already being
felt, as more research and intellectual energy is directed towards green economic and social
policies and practices.
The lunch also seeks to engage Cornell colleagues beyond the social sciences who are interested
in discussing the social implications of various options to reduce emissions as they pertain to
power generation, transportation, urban planning and building design, etc.


Source: Angenent, Lars T. - Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University


Collections: Renewable Energy; Engineering