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Efficient Local Unfolding with Ancestor Stacks for Full Prolog

Summary: Efficient Local Unfolding with Ancestor Stacks
for Full Prolog
Germ´an Puebla1
, Elvira Albert2
, and Manuel Hermenegildo1,3
School of Computer Science, Technical U. of Madrid, {german,herme}@fi.upm.es
School of Computer Science, Complutense U. of Madrid, elvira@sip.ucm.es
Depts. of Comp. Sci. and El. and Comp. Eng., U. of New Mexico, herme@unm.edu
Abstract. The integration of powerful partial evaluation methods into
practical compilers for logic programs is still far from reality. This is re-
lated both to 1) efficiency issues and to 2) the complications of dealing
with practical programs. Regarding efficiency, the most successful un-
folding rules used nowadays are based on structural orders applied over
(covering) ancestors, i.e., a subsequence of the atoms selected during a
derivation. Unfortunately, maintaining the structure of the ancestor re-
lation during unfolding introduces significant overhead. We propose an
efficient, practical local unfolding rule based on the notion of covering an-


Source: Arenas, Puri - Facultad de Informática, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences