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Biol 1021 Syllabus Fall 2010 CLASS OUTLINE AND EVALUATION

Summary: Biol 1021 Syllabus Fall 2010
General Objectives
After completing this class you'll be able to...
1. Use what you have learned as a basis for pursuing further studies in the biological
2. Recognize different life forms around you, and comment on when they evolved and how
they are adapted to their environment.
3. Estimate how quickly populations of different organisms can increase, and how much
life or productivity can be supported in different environments.
4. Explain basic human physiology and biomechanics, and how our bodies are affected by
different foods, environmental conditions and medical treatments.
Schedule and Calendar
For complete details about the class schedule and deadlines, download the Calendar via the File
icon in the Action Menu, above right. Note that some aspects of the class (such as assignments
and assessments) may be temporarily hidden from you while revisions are in progress, but all
relevant deadlines are included in the Calendar.
During the summer term, a combined calendar with deadlines for both BIOL 1020 and BIOL
1021 is available for the convenience of those students who are taking both classes
concurrently. You may use whichever calendar suits you better.


Source: Adl, Sina - Department of Biology, Dalhousie University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology