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Overview of US Liquid Metal Blanket R&D ActivitiesR&D Activities

Summary: Overview of US Liquid Metal Blanket
R&D ActivitiesR&D Activities
Mohamed A. Abdou and the US FNST Team
(A Ying S Smolentsev K Messadek P Calderoni(A. Ying, S. Smolentsev, K. Messadek, P. Calderoni,
B. Merrill, P. Sharpe, Y. Katoh, D. Sze, N. Morley, C. Wong,
B. Pint, S. Sharafat, H. Zhang, R. Kurtz, M. Sawan, T. Sketchley, M. Wright, R. Munipalli)
International Workshop on Liquid Metal Breeder Blankets (IEA)
September 23 24 2010 Madrid SpainSeptember 23-24, 2010, Madrid, Spain
Key Research Areas in the US PbLi based DCLL Blankets
· MHD flow Dynamics for liquid metal blankets
(experiments and modeling)
I t f i l h MHD H t d M T f· Interfacial phenomena, MHD Heat and Mass Transfer,
Corrosion, Tritium Transport
· Compatibility, Corrosion experiments Compatibility, Corrosion experiments
· Tritium permeation and recovery experiments and
· Safety analysis and modeling
· FCI material/component development & properties
I di ti ff t i RAFM t l d SiC· Irradiation effects in RAFM steels and SiC


Source: Abdou, Mohamed - Fusion Science and Technology Center, University of California at Los Angeles


Collections: Plasma Physics and Fusion