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Curriculum Vitae Dr. S ebastien Auma^ tre

Summary: Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Sebastien Auma^tre
Born in Paris (Xv) the 20th of july 1971.
personnal adress :
Hans{Schaefer{Stra e,1
D{95448 Bayreuth |Deutschland|
Present working position :
Experimentalphysik V
Universitat bayreuth
D{95440 Bayreuth |Deutschland|
tel : 00 49 (0)921 55 33 19
fax : 00 49 (0)921 55 36 47
http://www.sta .uni-bayreuth.de/btp929
Research pro le :
July 1994 : In the LPPM |Universite Orsay| with Mrs A. Tallet.
subject : Study of spatio{temporal sub{harmonic cascade in a non{linear optical device.
Resum : We studied the non{linear interaction between a laser beam and a liquid cristal
cell thanks to a numerical simulation. This cell is put in interferometer where the laser


Source: Aumaître, Sébastien - Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, Département de Physique, École Normale Supérieure


Collections: Physics