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Mem. S.A.It. Suppl. Vol. 2, 13 c SAIt 2003

Summary: Mem. S.A.It. Suppl. Vol. 2, 13
c SAIt 2003
Memorie della
Dome C--the best astronomical site in the
J.W.V. Storey, M.C.B. Ashley, J.S. Lawrence and M.G. Burton
School of Physics, University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052, Australia
e-mail: j.storey@unsw.edu.au
Abstract. A decade of site testing at the South Pole has shown that the Antarctic
Plateau can offer enormous opportunities for astronomers. The combination of ex-
treme cold and dryness, high altitude and very low wind speeds throughout the tro-
posphere confers powerful advantages--especially for infrared and sub-millimetre
astronomy. However, Dome C is higher, drier and colder than South Pole, and
has significantly lower wind speed. Could it be an even better site? In this paper
we review the South Pole results and derive predictions for Dome C. We also
discuss new and existing Dome C data, and present plans to further characterise
the Dome C site with experiments such as the AASTINO.
Key words. Site testing atmosphere optical infrared sub-millimetre mil-


Source: Ashley, Michael C. B. - School of Physics, University of New South Wales


Collections: Physics