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Fusion Engineering and Design 81 (2006) 14651470 Influence of 2D and 3D convectiondiffusion flow on tritium

Summary: Fusion Engineering and Design 81 (2006) 1465­1470
Influence of 2D and 3D convection­diffusion flow on tritium
permeation in helium cooled solid breeder blanket units
Wen Guo, Alice Ying, Ming-Jiu Ni, Mohamed A. Abdou
Fusion Science and Technology Center, University of California, Los Angeles,
420 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles CA 90095-1597, USA
Received 11 February 2005; received in revised form 23 August 2005; accepted 23 August 2005
Available online 10 January 2006
Numerical simulation of tritium permeation from breeding zones to the coolant in the helium cooled pebble-bed blanket
is performed in this paper. 2D and 3D convection­diffusion models are developed to account for the effects of purge stream
convection. Incompressible transient Brinkman model with variable permeability is used in flow calculation, and transient
diffusion and convection equations are simulated for the tritium permeation analysis. Tritium partial pressure, concentration and
permeation flux are evaluated. The influence of convection on permeation is evaluated under different flow conditions.
© 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Tritium permeation; Purge convection; Breeding blanket; 2D and 3D model
1. Introduction
Tritium permeation to the coolant should be lim-
ited in order to minimize economic and safety penal-
ties associated with tritium processing systems. It is


Source: Abdou, Mohamed - Fusion Science and Technology Center, University of California at Los Angeles


Collections: Plasma Physics and Fusion